Keeping Old Scores

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Why yes, I do have a list of all the people I’m going to get even with the day I become a billionaire. But until that inevitable day comes, I’m talking about music scores. (I know, I’m totally witty.)

Recently, I’ve decided to start digging up some of my old music scores, buried deep within a large box in the back of my closet. And, in an effort to both kill the memories I have of myself as some young genius composer, and to preserve the evidence of my over-inflated ego, I’ve begun updating the print scores for the few that deserve rescuing.

Case in point: Interfusion – for soprano voice, oboe, clarinet, cello, and bassoon

It’s definitely my most ‘complicated’ score (read: never performed), and the voice uses phonetics instead of actual words. But through the magic of modern-day computers, I was able to take my old score with handwritten phonetic alphabet symbols illegibly scrawled under the vocal line, and ‘pretty it up’ so it’s more or less legible.

Performable? That’s a whole ‘nother question.

But, if you’ve got a voice, oboe, clarinet, cello, and bassoon quintet just dying for some new music… boy do I have the piece for you!

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