Android App Kitty Cat

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I’m filing this under “Ridiculous”, because, I’m not sure what else you’d label it.
Nonetheless, for no reason whatsoever, I created my first Android App. Or rather, a teeny tiny Flash App packaged for Android devices.
And, what is it, you ask?


Super Kitty Magic Mind Reader!

Want to know what your cat is thinking? Are you sure? Fire up the Super Kitty Magic Mind Reader and find out!
Just be warned, however; I cannot be held responsible if your cat has a snarky attitude. That option comes stock with every feline.

You can in fact obtain the app in the Google Play Store for the cheapest they’ll let me price it (a whole 99 cents).

My very own little furry monster does NOT approve, for what it’s worth.

A free, ad-supported version is coming as soon as I figure out how to do it. (So… a while…)

In the meantime, you can preview a lite web-version demo below. Just click on the image.

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