Childhood: Evolution

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Photo Courtesy of Ian MacKinnon

I’m probably not alone in this admission, but the toy piano was, in fact, my very first instrument. A little brown, not-quite-two-foot-tall upright played a rather significant role in my childhood. It was a tiny stand-in for the full-grown piano I didn’t receive until six or seven years later. And also a playground for sound that allowed me to improvise some rather dreadful “compositions” I’m happy to have since forgotten.

So, when I saw that the Luxembourg Toy Piano World Summit put out a call for toy piano scores, I decided to throw all non-risky caution to the wind and write something. If the Universe has ever tried to tell me something (something besides the fact that the Universe isn’t actually speaking to me), it’s that I was born to write exactly one (1) work for toy piano. Oh yes, those years of begging for a “real” piano weren’t all in vain, after all.

It’s too soon to tell if it’ll be chosen for performance, or if in a couple of weeks I won’t come to the conclusion that it’s the worst piece of overly-clustered noise I’ve ever written… but nonetheless, it’s always nice to finish a new piece.


Therefore…. I present to you: Odd Note Out – for five toy pianosĀ 

(Judgement scheduled for a reservation much further into the future.)




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