A Very Unbirthday

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After Party - Kristin R. Anderson

Another ‘experiment’ in art: wax on glass. A combination of birthday candles, crayons, and miscellaneous candle wax melted onto found glass. The glass, in fact, just happens to be a former window pane from my old 1920’s/1930’s apartment. It managed to make itself loose during a previous torrential, windy downpour; and being that I do not live on the ground floor, I was very fortunate to catch the glass before it fell right out of my window! Since the repair dudes left it behind after replacing my window… what else to do with it but make it art! (Or perhaps in my case… ‘art!’)

So… welcome to the After Party!

After Party - Kristin R. Anderson

“After Party” – wax on glass – Kristin R. Anderson


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