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Hi, I’m Kristin.

I’m a composer, video editor, artist, filmmaker, sewer, crafter, cat-lover, computer nerd,┬ánoisemaker, poorly practiced violinist, fluctuating existentialist, and all-around creative type.

I received degrees in music composition from both the North Carolina School of the Arts and the University of Michigan… after which I ran away to Los Angeles and started a career in audio and video editing.

This particular site was devised because, not unlike a lot of people; I have multiple simultaneous careers, interests, and sometimes even ideas that I wanted to tie together into one package that I commonly think of as me. At least on a good day.

So… sign up for the RSS feed if you’d like to keep in touch. Follow me on Twitter @polyphonic. And feel free to contact me at Kristin@KristinRAnderson.com if you have any specific questions.

Thanks for dropping by!

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