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15 Sep 2014

A Way with Words

Like so many things in my life, this funny little art project started out as an abstract experiment; but after several failed disasters, morphed into something rather different than I had originally envisioned. It’s almost like my subconscious is deliberately controlling my every move, without bothering to let me in on the rhyme or reason or final objective (which, I suppose, is the very definition of “subconscious”). Unless, of course, you consider this an obvious sign from my supposedly stealthy brain: Yes, […]

22 Jan 2014
After Party - Kristin R. Anderson

A Very Unbirthday

Another ‘experiment’ in art: wax on glass. A combination of birthday candles, crayons, and miscellaneous candle wax melted onto found glass. The glass, in fact, just happens to be a former window pane from my old 1920’s/1930’s apartment. It managed to make itself loose during a previous torrential, windy downpour; and being that I do not live on the ground floor, I was very fortunate to catch the glass before it fell right out of my window! Since the repair […]

14 Jul 2013


  …we have a crazy cat lady problem. A hankering to challenge my rusty/non-existent representational, non-abstract painting skills naturally resulted in a painting of my cat. I still stand by my refusal to add a “cat” category to this website. It would only encourage me! My cat would like it known that he is thoroughly unimpressed.  

13 Jan 2012

Happy New Friday the 13th

I’m sure this screams loads about my inner psyche, but I spent the New Year working on this: Constructed of wood, paint, glass Christmas ornaments, and lots and lots of glue; I’ve wittily titled it “Happy New Year”. I guess you could say December and I didn’t quite see things so eye-to-eye this Holiday season. Here’s to a happy, successful, exciting, forward-moving, no-BS-filled 2012! And to many more Friday the 13ths!