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14 Jul 2013


  …we have a crazy cat lady problem. A hankering to challenge my rusty/non-existent representational, non-abstract painting skills naturally resulted in a painting of my cat. I still stand by my refusal to add a “cat” category to this website. It would only encourage me! My cat would like it known that he is thoroughly unimpressed.  

05 May 2012

Cinco de Meow-o

To preface, I know what this is going to look like. My last entry is about cats… and now this: But I adamantly refuse to create a “cat” category on my site just yet. (Just wait until my next post). Ignoring the crazy cat lady theme; however, this little pendant is actually my first foray into 3d printing. It’s a simple design I created in Cinema 4d, had printed in stainless steel… and then spent an inordinate amount of time […]

16 Mar 2012

Android App Kitty Cat

I’m filing this under “Ridiculous”, because, I’m not sure what else you’d label it. Nonetheless, for no reason whatsoever, I created my first Android App. Or rather, a teeny tiny Flash App packaged for Android devices. And, what is it, you ask? Presenting: Super Kitty Magic Mind Reader! Want to know what your cat is thinking? Are you sure? Fire up the Super Kitty Magic Mind Reader and find out! Just be warned, however; I cannot be held responsible if […]